Monday, August 30, 2010


What inspires you and your home? Where do you find the little idea that gets a big thing started?
When I am doing a room I usually start with a picture, a rug, a book or just about anything, but it's usually one thing that inspires an entire room for me.
I love new and different, but I find my style never centers around a trend usually. I incorporate trends always, but find my design usually anchored in something you might have seen in my family for generations. I want my home to beautifully modern with a comfort my great grandma would love.
Around Tulips you will usually find a ecclectic mix of age old tradion and the clean lines of contemporary design that speak to a new generation. The great thing is both these styles celebrate life beautifully in the same room.

This new painting by one of our favorite companies that does an amazing job of finding the most talented artists has inspired me all day!  I can't stop thinking about how many places these paintings could change the entire look of a room.

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