Monday, August 30, 2010


What inspires you and your home? Where do you find the little idea that gets a big thing started?
When I am doing a room I usually start with a picture, a rug, a book or just about anything, but it's usually one thing that inspires an entire room for me.
I love new and different, but I find my style never centers around a trend usually. I incorporate trends always, but find my design usually anchored in something you might have seen in my family for generations. I want my home to beautifully modern with a comfort my great grandma would love.
Around Tulips you will usually find a ecclectic mix of age old tradion and the clean lines of contemporary design that speak to a new generation. The great thing is both these styles celebrate life beautifully in the same room.

This new painting by one of our favorite companies that does an amazing job of finding the most talented artists has inspired me all day!  I can't stop thinking about how many places these paintings could change the entire look of a room.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Being a kid:)

This week, we had the cutest little boy (and his beautiful big sister) visit Tulips!  He and his family come to Norman every year and his mom always stops by to shop.  Last year we had these awesome metal letters that you string lights through. I had purchased OU for the store and also had a T for my son's room.  I hadn't actually taken the T home yet, so when they were in she bought the U and the T!  Not exactly what this Sooner born and bred girl had in mind...hahaha!  But, the letters are SO cool and she used them outside in her Christmas display.   Below is a picture that she emailed.  Pretty fun!

This year when they stopped by her little boy fell in love with a giant bear at Tiny Tulips and really wanted it.  His mom told him if he got the bear that would be his only present for the trip.  They left and went to lunch and he couldn't stop thinking about it.  About an hour later he popped back in and bought his favorite bear!  It was SO cute to watch him carrying him down the street hugging him with the biggest smile on his face!  So precious!  It reminded me of the sweet joys of childhood and all the joy children bring to us adults!!!!

Thanks Johnny you made our day!!  We can't wait to see you again soon!